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Inés de San Martín

Inés de San Martín is a senior legal consultant with extensive expertise in international investments and corporate disputes in Latin America.

She is an experienced negotiator with a strong track record in the recovery of sophisticated financial instruments on behalf of financial institutions.

Throughout her career she developed a deep understanding of the complex political and legal contingencies and their business implications prevalent in Latin American countries.

With more than 30 years of experience she has successfully represented clients in litigation, international arbitration, mediation and other ADRs.

As a neutral she focuses on complex business disputes, helping parties design creative solutions tailored to their needs.

Ms. de San Martín is a neutral who:

  • Has over 30 years of legal experience in complex litigations and commercial negotiations for high-profile clients in the areas of infrastructure, energy, finance, labor and corporate governance/shareholders’ disputes.
  • Is an experienced negotiator with a strong track record in the recovery of sophisticated financial instruments on behalf of financial institutions.
  • Has served as a board member for multinational energy and telecommunications companies investing in emerging markets.
  • Has developed a deep understanding of complex political and legal contingencies and their business implications in Latin American countries.
  • Possesses exemplary communications skills and the empathy required to manage contentious situations and guide the parties to resolution.
  • Is fluent in Spanish, English, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Practice Areas


It is the preferred dispute resolution method chosen by companies for their commercial disputes. Ms. de San Martín has extensive experience in representing parties in arbitrations and she has advised clients in construction, infrastructure, and shareholders’ disputes cases.


Mediation is a dispute resolution method where a third party neutral helps the parties reestablish and improve their communications to find a mutually satisfactory solution to their dispute. Mediation offers a flexible procedure to the parties to manage their dispute in a timely and cost-effective manner. Ms. de San Martín has represented numerous clients in mediation proceedings and now is serving as a mediator concentrating her practice on commercial disputes.

Dispute Resolution Consulting and Coaching

Large projects may present the parties with situations in which an early assessment of the occurrence of a conflict may save them time and money by avoiding an escalation of the potential dispute. Ms. de San Martín helps companies design sound strategies to avoid conflict and implement cost-effective dispute management measures if a dispute arises.

Assisted negotiations

Sometimes a neutral can assist parties in negotiations with a view towards enlarging the scope of their mutual gains and not leaving value on the table. This is a very useful resource that companies should consider including in their dispute management processes. Ms. de San Martín serves as a facilitator and assists parties in negotiations to explore alternative value creation methods.


When mediation can help:

Dispute solving

When a dispute arises the relationship between the parties sours, trust is lost, and communication is difficult or no longer exists. In these situations, and before resorting to litigation or arbitration, parties may attempt to engage a mediator, who will work to restore the communication between them, often shuttling messages from one to the other with a view towards finding an amicable and mutually acceptable settlement of the dispute.

Conflict Prevention

Ongoing commercial relationships that are central to your business go through different phases and require care and attention. It is not unusual that unexpected changes alter the status quo, and you face the risk of losing valuable clients, suppliers, or key service providers. Addressing these circumstances in a timely manner with the aid of a neutral may help streamline these differences, strengthen commercial relationships, and personal bonds.

Assisted Negotiations

Negotiations like all other human activities are not exempt from emotions and mediators are trained to assist the parties in navigating tense situations and helping them to reach mutually satisfactory outcomes. Even the best negotiators sometimes need help from a neutral third party since a new perception may bring fresh air to a heated negotiation process.

Consensus building

Sometimes, when you notice that your team’s productivity is decaying and that there is tension among its members it could be useful to introduce a third-party neutral that could facilitate communication within the team and with the manager to prevent the escalation of potential conflicts. Meaningful conversations, often assisted by a trained mediator, can avoid disputes and improve the results of a group’s activities.


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